Sacred Selections set a new standard for hymnbooks back in 1956. It was one of the costliest collections of copyrighted songs at the time of publication. “Sacred Selections for the Church” immediately found acceptance throughout the United States and is used in many foreign countries. Millions have sung from it pages.

This hymnal was edited and compiled by Ellis J. Crum. Sacred Selections has been publishing song books for over 50 years. “Sacred Selections for the Church” quickly became a book to be copied by other publishers. It is now in its 67th printing. Some printings required box car loads of paper. One paper mill even names a paper “sacred” after the book, because of the huge quantities of paper required.

In 1977 “Special Sacred Selection” was introduced to the gospel music world. Because Ellis J. Crum’s previous book was copied so much by others, Ellis decided he would create a new book. For this reason, there are only about six duplicates in the two books. Many new songs were introduced to congregations that immediately became favorites. Once again, publishers and editors found new material.

In 1979 Sacred Selections acquired the R.E. Winsett Music Company of Dayton, Tennessee. In the past they had offices in Fort Smith, Ark. and Chattanooga, Tennessee. All operations are now headquartered in Kendallville, IN. The R.E. Winsett Music Company has published scores of titles and millions of song books. The book “Best Loved Songs and Hymns” was the book “Grandpa” and the quartet sang form as HEE-HAW went off the air.

Sacred Selections and R.E. Winsett Music Company own and control hundreds of copyrights from such writers as G.T. Speer, Ira Stanphill, Tillit S. Teddlie, Roy Harris, A.W. Dicus, Cleavant Derricks, R.E. Winsett and many others.
Sacred Selections & R.E. Winsett Music Co.
together represent
150 Years
Music Publishing